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Editorial Process

OJN Payment

OJN Review:

Review Type: Double Blinded Peer review
Review Rounds: 2-3 rounds
Review Duration: 4-8 Weeks

The OJN Editorial Process is divided into 3 statges:
  • Article Submission - A general "Call for Papers" will be issued at the beginning of every new issue. All call for papers will be published on this website. Article submission will be treated strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. Only submitted articles complying with OJN Manuscript Format will be accepted and processed for review and publication. The non-compliant article(s) will be rejected. Manuscript submission will be from within the OJN Portal for Registered Users.
  • Article Review/Editorial Decision - Authors should be well notified that the Review process will be very rigorous and thorough. Authors must provide a working email for speedy communication. Delays in authors' correspondence will be penalized (such papers might be removed from the review/publication process completely). OJN operates a peer-reviewed process. Authors are banned from contacting Editors-in-Chief directly as concerns the review of their article(s). All correspondence as regards manuscript review MUST follow the laid down channel of communication. Authors are to track the status of their manuscript(s) from the OJN User Portal after login or they are to a send a mail to The Review Process is in 3-Stages. Stage-1: A preliminarily review - will be done to ascertain whether the manuscript(s) is sound enough for publication and thus, fit for Main Review. This is conducted within two weeks of submission and the corresponding author will be notified appropriately. Some manuscripts might be disqualified at this stage. Stage-2: Main Review - this is the standard review process, it will be very rigorous and thorough with manuscripts moving back and forth severally until this stage is certified completed by all five (3) reviewers (Internal and External) responsible for the review of the article. Stage-3: Final Review - this will be done by the Editorial Board Members headed by the Chief Editor. At the tail end of this stage, the corresponding author will be notified of the Editorial Decision and Status of the Manuscript - Acceptance, Rejection or Recommendation for further work.
  • Article Publication - The publication process begins with Quality Assurance. All accepted manuscripts must be formatted by the author(s) to comply with the OJN Standard Manuscript Format. References/Citation/Bibliography must be in OJN approved format. Figures/Charts/Table must be well titled. Click Here to download OJN Manuscript Formatting Guide. A proof version of the accepted manuscript will be sent to the corresponding author for further corrections or approval before final publication. Authors should be mindful of their names, initials and affiliation. Corresponding authors should clearly indicate the Primary author and any other co-authors appropriately. OJN Publication is chiefly online. However, hardcopies will be printed for requesting authors at a cost. This cost is required for the raw materials needed for the printing of such hardcopy publication (Ink, Paper, Binding etc). A softcopy Certificate of Publication will be issued to requesting authors.

Open Journals Nigeria: Terms of Submission

    • submitted manuscript(s) must be the ORIGINAL work of the Author(s)
    • only UNPUBLISHED works should be submitted to OJN
    • manuscript(s) already submitted to other Journals and under processing by other journals should not be submitted to OJN
    • manuscript(s) already submitted to OJN should not be submitted to any other Journal for processing until the manuscript review process by OJN have been completed and editorial decision taken.
    • by submitting your manuscript to OJN, you therefore hand-over a copyright to OJN which empowers it to publish your manuscript at any time after the completion and acceptance of your article by its Editorial Board Members.
    • hardcopies are published at the end of every issue or immediately, on "Special Request" cases. Hardcopies of published articles will be sent to requesting Authors within 14days with an additional cost to be determined by the size of the Issue in-which the Authors article is published if the total cost of production is more than $50. As the cost of hardcopies is determined by the number of Articles published within that issue and the total number of pages of Articles in that issue. The primary cost of hardcopies published by OJN is $50 and waivers are not applicable to hardcopies production.
    • the Author(s) cannot make any profound changes or error corrections to the manuscript if already accepted for publication, we therefore encourage all authors to carefully complete all their research work before submitting to OJN
    • all errors discovered after submission but before approval for publication by the Author(s) should be communicated swiftly to the Editor of the Journal before the end of the review process.
    • any Conflict of Interest must be stated clearly before submission or before the end of the manuscript(s) review process.