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OJMR: FastTrack

OJN Manuscript Fasttrack Service

OJN FastTrack Service might reduce the editorial process of a manuscript from 2-3months to 3-4weeks through effective and timely follow-ups with reviews, corrections, copyediting, proofing and other processes.

OJN FastTrack is a service by its editorial assistants to help authors publish more quickly without compromising the review, evaluation and editorial processes. This service is effectively achieved through an efficient communication system. The global standard channel of communication for journal’s is through emails which maybe slow and less in-effective. However, with OJN FastTrack, our specialized editorial assistants use phone calls to communicate the entire process ensuring a faster and more efficient editorial process.

OJN FastTrack service include:
1. Formatting submitted manuscripts to OJN standard
2. Composing the mandatory OJN Cover Letter
3. Registration and Activation of authors account
4. Assisting with authors manuscript submission follow-up
5. Assisting with accepted manuscript copyediting and proofreading
6. Prompt update of author as regard manuscript review progress
7. Accelerated review and editorial processes

OJN FastTrack service does NOT include:
1. Effecting review corrections on-behalf of authors
2. Signing of documents on-behalf of authors

FastTracking a manuscript has nothing to do with its editorial decision. This is a service by the journals’ editorial assistants NOT by the journal management. The Chief Editor reserves the right to reject or accept a fast-tracked article. It should be noted that this is an optional service.

Moreover, and needful to mention, is the fact that 98% of all fast-tracked articles get accepted and published. This is due to the dedication and diligence on the part of the fast-tracking team coupled with the articles strengths.

OJN FastTrack Fees:
OJN FastTrack service cost a one-time, non-refundable fee of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) or Thirty Dollars ($30) per manuscript.