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About Open Journals Nigeria Preprint Service

Preprints are academic or research materials capable of contributing to scholarly knowledge that are yet to be reviewed and published by a journal. It is a version of a scholarly manuscript that is granted public access and enhanced visibility before a formal peer review and publication in a peer-reviewed scholarly outfit. Preprint Servers help authors to quickly distribute and disseminate their recent research methodologies and findings to the scholarly community before undergoing or completing it peer-review (which are usually prolonged and time consuming).

Benefits of Open Journals Nigeria Preprint Service

OJN Preprint Services is 100% FREE for all authors from all nations of the world. OJN Preprint Servers are repositories and archiving systems for authors' research postulations, methodologies, findings and discoveries. Examples of OJN Preprint includes; article drafts, unpublished research result(s), unpublished research method(s), research ideas, manuscripts under peer-review (if the hosting journal permits) and all forms of unpublished knowledge. The benefits of OJN Preprints includes (but not limited to):

  1. 100% free submission of preprints
  2. a free scholarly research sharing platform
  3. timely dissemination, distribution and communication of research postulations, methodologies, results and discoveries to the scholarly community thereby enhancing visibility
  4. creating avenue for collaboration and feedbacks from the scholarly and research community
  5. proper attribution of “authors’ credit and citation” to the author of the work by the scholarly and research community
  6. an easy and flexible platform; enabling the modification and update of the work towards improving its quality and impact
  7. improving future possibility of a higher Altimetric attention scores and citations after final publication